Our new single ‘Believe’ was released earlier this week.
Featuring Oriana Melissa on lead vocals. The granddaughter of Colombian singer and Latin Grammy Award winner Totó la Momposina, recorded this track at the tender age of 18. Her honeyed vocals gracefully coat the heavyweight rhythm section of Andy Clarke and Mark Spence on drums and bass, propelled along with a superb dub-inflected mix from Rob Smith.

This is the first release that features a live 9-piece band from the collective;

Drums – Andy Clarke (JA/Eng)

Congas – Paolo Moussa (Colombia/Eng)

Bass – Mark Spence (JA/Eng)

Trumpet/Keyboard – Michel Padron (Cuba)

Lead Guitar – Owen Shiers (Wales)

Rhythm Guitar – John Hollis (Eng)

Lead Vocal – Oriana Melissa (Colombia/Eng)

Chorus – Maria del mar (Colombia/Eng)

Chorus- Camilo Menjura (Colombia)

You can purchase by clicking on the ‘Shop’ tab.
nana 2