Heartbeat – AMJ meets RSD

Here come the AMJ Collective with their next vinyl offering:
Heartbeat … a powerhouse of a tune dropping the nyabinghi rhythm.
Featuring the drum and bass duo of Mark Spence and Andy Clarke,
horns by Michel Padron and West African flute from Dramane Demeble.
With Rob Smith at the controls, this is another tasty delivery from the
AMJ crew. Flip-side brings a chilled steppers in Blue Mountain, guest
strings courtesy of Cuban trio Patricia Flechilla, Xotchil Lopez and
Indira Perez.

AMJ meets RSD

Mixed by Rob Smith
Produced by John Hollis

Side A

Side AA

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Sounds excellent with a special mention to the flute with the West African feel and the horns section on Heartbeat” – Ras Abubakar, DJ from Nantes, France

” The record sounds good, I like the tune and mixes are deep into dub, rspx..” Cyrill, Control Tower Records, France.

“Isn’t this brilliant? If you’re a dubhead I hope you’re feeling the vibe on this one – Heartbeat by AMJ meets RSD ….
We’re splashing about in the dub pool, I’ve got my dub goggles on, I can hardly see a thing!“. Sir David ‘Ram Jam’ Rodigan -BBC Radio 1XTRA

The record sounds good, I like the tune and mixes are deep into dub, rspx”
Cyrill, Control Tower Records. France.

“AMJ Collective meets RSD “Heartbeat” (look out for the dub to this, killer!)”
Sattamann. DJ. London.

I like Heartbeat a lot and intend to DJ with it at the first opportunity”
Jamie Renton DJ. London.

“Of course I want the vinyl, I like very much the « Heartbeat » , nice horns!!!”
Benjamin Dupuis. Dub U Hifi. France.

“Love Blue Mountain”
Mark Ringwood. DJ and promoter. Sussex.

Thank you for the CD..Love it..it’s got an old and new feel which is unique..Sounds brilliant x”   Sharon Stoned.

I own Heartbeat & the Brave on vinyl. I also have Depth Drop…. Sign of the dub I’ve been playing out lots when DJing! WICKED PRODUCTIONS YOU RELEASE! HUGE RESPECT”
Sattamann. DJ. Real Roots ands 22 Tracks. London.

Love the Heartbeat track. Going to play on my show and in the clubs too”
Russ Jones. DJ. London. Hackney Globetrotter.

Croation reggae portal: http://www.reggae.hr/recenzije/item/1100-amj-meets-rsd-heartbeat-12-vinyl-ep

Radio Pulsar. Culture Dub. France.